Terms & Conditions

  1. The monthly package with Weblynq is for an initial period of 12 and will be extended after the 12 month period if the client wishes to keep their website and maintenance there off active. A full calendar month, prior to the end of the 12-month period, written notice is required for cancellation. Early cancellation, before the 12-month period ends, will forfeit any services that still need to commence.

  2. Cancellation of the contract before the 12-month term will result in a 3-month upfront penalty payment and forfeit any service.

  3. Monthly Packages are built over a period of 5 working days to develop a new brand image for clients.

  4. The website will not be used for illegal purposes and should this happen, Weblynq will not be held responsible.

  5. Weblynq will not be held responsible for any consequential loss or damages.

  6. By signing the document, you undertake that monthly payment is due on the 1st day of the month for which the services will be delivered.

  7. In the event that the monthly agreement is paid in full over the 12/24-month period and the client wishes to keep the website but not the monthly package, the client may switch to the annual hosting package and send us an email to marketing@weblynq.com

  8. Weblynq has the right to discontinue any services due to non-payment.

  9. All content, images and texts provided by the client, remain the property of the client. Should a third party copy any content from your website, Weblynq will not be held responsible.

  10. Weblynq will only start with development after successful signup and the first payment is received for the monthly package.

  11. Cloud applications are modules and or website executable codes used to perform certain functions on the website. Modules like a photo gallery are examples of cloud applications. If you require a cloud application, Weblynq will supply, set up, and maintain the program for the duration of the monthly package.

  12. All cloud applications remain the property of Weblynq and are rented to the client.

  13. Digital content must be provided to Weblynq after the signup

  14. It is the responsibility of the client to supply Weblynq with all digital content for their website on the development.

  15. The Weblynq base system is limited to the package you choose.

  16. The Weblynq base system is limited to 500MB of email space. Additional space can be bought in bundles.

  17. The Weblynq base system is limited to 5GB. Additional space can be bought in bundles of 1GB.

  18. Each Weblynq module has its own limits that apply to the specific module.

  19. All content that You “the client” want Us “Weblynq” to use on Your Website Need to be sent to Webdev@weblynq.com Within the hours of development.

  20. No work/maintenance of any other Web developer or company may be performed other than by Weblynq (PTY) LTD on the website